TCS line process is composed of three sections, entry, center and delivery section.
Below the outline of TCS is shown.

1. Pay off reel : Two pay off reels to feed cold roll coil.
2. Welder : Tail end of coil to be welded to the head end of the succeed coil.
3. Pre-Cleaning : The strip is degreased to remove oil and dirt from strip.
4. Entry looper : Strip is accumulated for continuous running at center section in case of entry section is stopped for welding.
5. Cleaning : Electrolytic cleaning and pickling process to remove oil and iron oxide film on the steel surface before plating.
6. Plating cell : Strip is coated with zinc by electrolytic process.Coating weight is controlled by quantity of electricity.
7. Chemical treatment : Phosphate film is chemically coated on the plated zinc as pre-treatment before painting at customer. Chromating is no more produced since the end of. 2006.

8. Resin coating : Resin coating : Product V2 and VN (special resin) are resin coated at coater unit and baked at oven until before cooling at cooling unit.

9. Oven  : coated resin film is baked by
induction heater unit. 

10. Cooling : baked strip is cooled down by
air  cooling system.



11. Delivery looper  : accumulate strip for continuous running at center section  in case of delivery section is stopped.

12. Inspection  : Inspect surface of product and
take samples for quality testing.   

13. Tension reel  : wind a product after inspection.